Overall structure

Session distribution and structure

The workshop will rely on morning and evening sessions of 3 hours each, including talks and posters or demos. Among a total of 10 sessions over 5 days, 4 sessions will be focused on theoretical signal processing, 3 on astrophysical signal processing, and 3 on biomedical signal processing. In theoretical signal processing, the core topic is sparsity, and associated optimization methods (3 standard sessions). In astrophysical signal processing, the core topic is interferometry, both radio and optical (2 standard sessions). In biomedical signal processing, the core topic is MR imaging, with emphasis on fast and high-resolution imaging (2 standard sessions). In order to enlarge the overall focus, 1 highlight session in each field will be dedicated to themes beyond the core topics (3 highlight sessions).

Each of the 7 standard sessions will consist of:

Each of the 3 highlight sessions will consist of:

Invited and contributed works

Each session is organized and chaired by a member of the SOC or an international expert chosen by the SOC.

Each session organizer is responsible for gathering the invited tutorial-keynote and technical talk contributions for his session. Proposals for poster/demo contributions (possibly technical talks and tutorial-keynote talks, upon availability) are open to any interested researcher, and not subject to prior contact with the session organizer.

Both invited and proposed contributions should be submitted as a maximum 1-page latex abstract by the corresponding deadline (a latex template will be provided on the submission page). Invited abstracts are automatically accepted, while proposed contributions will undergo a review process.

In summary, the workshop will gather around 75 participants distributed as follows:

Workshop proceedings

A single pdf file will be compiled including all invited and accepted 1-page abstracts, and made publicly available as workshop proceedings by the workshop date.

Free time and extra activities

Wellness area Wellness area

Shining hours are free from scientific sessions, so that participants can catch the opportunity for in depth discussions with colleagues, while simultaneously relaxing in the hotel or in the resort.

Group snowshoeing and skiing sessions, as well as Tai Chi courses (in the hotel) will be organized in the idea of further promoting interaction between participants (cost not included in workshop fees). For more information about the organized activities and their schedule, please refer to the corresponding page.